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News: We are open every Friday at Wild Ginger Beauty 

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          Our Facial Reflexology , TCM Foot Reflexology

           and Zen Sound Vibration Therapy will help 

           to release your  stress and add to your wellbeing 



  Facial and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Foot  Reflexology works for

  ・ Children (Learning and Behavioral problems)

  ・ Increasing immunity ( Cancer・Allergies・Flu・Asthma・Infections)

                                                                  ・ Muscle relaxation ( Neck , Shoulder , and Back  ache )

                                                                  ・Adjusting the balance of  hormones (Insomnia・Diabetes・Menopause・Rheumatism)

                                                                  ・ Improving circulation & Lymphatic flow ( High and low blood pressure・Oedema)

                                      ・Reducing weight : obtaining lymphatic flow  very quickly (Lympatic Drainage)                       

                         ・Brain problems (Parkinson ・Alzheimer )

                                                                   ・ Stress management ( PMS・Emotional control・Depression)

                                                                   ・Wrinkles and Facial muscle problems (Japanese Cosmo Lift will help )



                                 Our Japanese therapist, Harumi, is fully qualified in the Lone Sorensen  Method of Facial Reflexology,

                                  TCM Foot  Reflexology and  Japanese  Cosmo Lift . She  is also  trained  in  Vibration Therapy                                  (Singing Ring Zen Sound Therapy)  and Bach Flower  Therapy.                                                                      

                           She also Reflexology Association of Australia (RAoA) Professional member.

                          Which means You can claim on your private health insurance cover.

                            We encourage the individual's natural healing processes  to help with the  clients wellbeing. 

                            HEALING TREE  is a holistic way  to help your Mind , Body &  Spirit.


                                                       Keep your balance

                                           Healthy mind , healthy body and shining beauty

                                                 Relax and ease tensions  with HEALING TREE's Therapies

Opening Hours    :  Booking required                                                                                            

  Every Friday              9:30 ~ 6pm at Wild Ginger Beauty (Curl Curl)   map♡                      

HEALING TREE  ( with Lone Sorensen Method Therapy)

 Ask  for  Harumi  日本語でのお問い合わせ 大歓迎 ♪       


Mail : healingtree63@gmail.com

Phone : 0478 153 878 (SMS or Call)

Not able to answer the phone during the therapy.

Please leave a message,  and we will call you back.

@ Wild Ginger Beauty (Curl Curl)   map♡

ABN 63 484 388 208

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